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Hey there Grade 4! Writing is a wonderful thing, and guess what? This is your chance to express yourself doing just that. Below are links to great journal topics that Madame will have you respond to- your ideas and opinions matter and your voice needs to be heard! Once you've "Copy-Pasted" your journal topic into a new Microsoft Word document, be sure to save it in your "Journals" folder, with an appropriate title. Then the keyboard is all yours!


Remember to proofread your journal before emailing Madame, and of course, follow these important rules you've heard a MILLION times:


1. Make sure each sentence has beginning and ending punctuation.


2. Make sure you have answered the journal topic with a complete, detailed response (lots of juicy words, convincing arguments/opinions).


3. Review your sentence structure, making sure all sentences are complete (no run ons!).


4. Review your grammar (ex. I went, not I goed!).


5. Divide your writing into paragraphs where required (i.e. when you have a new idea, event, time, place, or when a new person is speaking in dialogue).


Click on the green envelope below to submit your Journal Entry!

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